Singing Lessons in Brixton


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 The Vocal Touch Studios, Brixton, London, UK


Precious Wilson

Platinum Award Winning, Singer Performer, #1 International Best-Selling Author


The Quick & Easy Way to begin Your Vocal Transformation

Want to Learn How to Sing and Build Your confidence?


Starting with this beginner’s guide to find your voice, and Learn the Basic Fun, Fearless Fundamentals and Techniques for Solo Singing.

Discover Your own X-Factor as you will Learn the Secrets to Sensational Singing.

This course caters to those aspiring singers who want a simplified framework. We are here to guide you through this exciting and sometimes challenging journey helping you to connect with your audience.

Join Precious and her team to help you develop a good technique which is essential for successful and healthy singing in all styles.


This course outlines:

  • The relationship between the mind, voice and body (e.g. posture, breath, tone)
  • Find Your Unique Voice
  • Freeing up the voice 
  • Vocal Techniques
  • Conquering pitch and tone issues 
  • Solo Singing with Confidence
  • How to manage your practice throughout the week.

6 x 50 minute lessons




(£49.50 per lesson)


Maximise Your Irresistible Vocal Style

It’s time to Maximise Your Voice, develop your own Irresistible Vocal Style, Learn How to Shine and Show Your True Colours.


Take a moment now to imagine the feeling you will get, as people compliment you on your noticeable Improved Vocal Technique, Breathe Control and your improved Range and Tone of your voice.

This course outlines:

  • Explore what your voice can do
  • Basic exercises techniques to help with vocal development
  • Extending vocal range 
  • Increase power and use of dynamics 
  • Experiment with vocal style 
  • Guidance on choosing suitable repertoire
  • Simple presentation and performance skills
  • Microphone technique
  • Vocal health

10 x 50 minute lessons




(£54.70 per lesson)


Now, it’s time to Develop your very own Signature Sound and how to Catapult your Performance

This programme follows on from the Kickstart and the Mastery courses.

This course outlines:

  • Build Vocal Strength
  • Build Vocal Precision
  • Expand your Knowledge of Vocal Expression
  • Interpretation
  • Stylisation
  • Develop Smooth Effortless Vocal Performance
  • Create Your Own Signature Sound
  • How to Connect with your Audience

12 x 50 minute lessons




(£60 per lesson)