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Precious Wilson

Platinum Award Winning, Singer Performer, #1 International Best-Selling Author

Hey, I'm Precious,

My mission is to help aspiring singers like you, to create a path to your success in the music industry, so you can reach your full potential, book bigger and better stages and really start to profit from your passion.


I am the founder of Singing Lessons in Brixton, which provides singing lessons and stage performance skills. I lead a team of outstanding vocal coaches, who are all professional singers themselves, as well as being singing coaches, so that you can benefit from our combined extensive experience.


Our singing lessons, are for beginners to advanced levels, covering singing and vocal performance, as well as advice for stage performance.

I have devised singing lessons, to teach you the best techniques to help you learn how to sing or improve your voice, and to give you the skills that will help you build your confidence and help to overcome stage fright.

The aim is to empower you to express and communicate your own true authentic voice.


We work with you, and together you will discover the tools to unlock your voice. Step by step, with regular practice and implementation, we will show you how you can achieve your personal goals for your voice. We want to take you where you are today, to where you want to be.


Imagine the feeling you get, as people compliment you on the noticeable results in your voice, including better tonality and breathing technique, and an improved range.


Our goal for you, is ultimately, to transform your voice, catapult your performance, and expand your horizons.

Are you up to the challenge?

A Few Words About Singing Lessons in Brixton

Core Values:

  • We are proud and honoured to step forwards to give back and make a difference
  • Welcoming and championing real singers and getting back to basics
  • Performance focussed, nurturing hearts to come alive through the gift of song
  • Creating an environment for our clients to have greater self-expression in their lives and career.
  • Delivering our very best for each of you aspiring singers, for the ultimate benefit of both you, and humanity.


    … and by the way, we just so happen to make great voice coaching courses and programmes.

    What we Offer

    •  We provide, Outstanding Bespoke Solo Singing Lessons and Performance Coaching to get you started.

    •  Our Exclusive One-to-One Platinum Programme, for the Career Focussed Aspiring Singer.

    In Brief About How We Work at Singing in Brixton

    Along the path as an aspiring singer, you will experience triumphs and challenges, each journey is unique.

    Our focus is on identifying your strengths, raw talent, your natural voice, personality and character.

    The lessons are tailor for you individually and we adapt our techniques to create a bespoke Strategy Package to coincide with your ability, needs and aspirations.

    Today is your wonderful opportunity, to give Yourself the Gift that will Improve Your Voice.

    Allow us to take you


    on a Journey of


    Self-discovery and Vocal



    We look forward to taking you from where you are now, to move you towards your personal goals for your voice.

    Join us today and Discover your own X-Factor, Build Your Confidence and Learn the Secrets to Sensational Singing.

    Book Now and schedule your Introductory Discovery Session and Debut Singing Lesson, and Strategy Package.

    We're here with you...


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